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Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

The CardPointe Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

CardPointe HPP is hands down the best eCommerce solution for online stores to add a simple, customizable payment page that fits their branding. CardPointe HPP requires no developer involvement, so set up is quick and simple. It is directly integrated into the CardConnect Gateway and protected by CardSecure solutions, so you can easily manage your PCI compliance.

With its customizable design, embedded tokenization, and enabled PCI compliance, your business handles online transactions easily and with total security.


Sales Sense Payments is a CardConnect-preferred merchant processor and can help you develop the best system to protect your online/storefront business and your customers.

For more information about CardPointe Hosted Payment Page and our portfolio of merchant processing services, please call us at (305) 723-1234 or contact us here. We’re local to Key West so we can meet in person at your convenience.

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