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eCommerce Solutions

Sales Sense Payments offers you an entry to eCommerce with its products and services. We help customize your eCommerce solution to your business’s unique marketing, selling, inventory, fulfillment, and purchasing needs.

eCommerce is rapidly expanding across the consumer and business online universe. If your business is not participating, you are leaving money on the table. eCommerce is growing because it is convenient, easy, and it's open 24/7/365. If someone wants to acquire something, they can do it from the couch, desk, train, or even from their car. Here are the most unique and popular reasons that merchants add eCommerce to their services:

  • Ubiquitious - it is available virtually anywhere

  • Global scope - get anything from anywhere

  • Open standards - easy to use

  • Information access - details about virtually anything are available for any very specific product or service

  • Data density - your customers' details are stored with you so you can customize marketing and sales to specific buyer desires

  • Interactivity - you can offer a highly personalized experience with live chats, hotlines, follow-up emails, reviews, and more

  • Personalization - customers become more sophisticated and appreciate exceptional customer service that caters to their wants

  • Social Media - tapping into your prime demographics with cross-over social media posts help promote your site

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Count on Sales Sense Solutions for Your eCommerce Presence

We help build your eCommerce site and presence with your specific requirements, adding information and streamlining your back-end processes so you have immediate feedback and insight into what your customers want.

  • Inventory Management

  • Fulfillment

  • Reports

  • Customer Engagement Tools

  • Returns and Credits

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