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The POS Revolution is Here … and Here … and There Too!

While your customers were driving the kids through fast food restaurants, playing

short order cook or turning out comfort food at home, there’s been a revolution

brewing in restaurants, quick service cafes, taverns, coffee houses, bars, cocktail

lounges and high-end dining venues. You knew it was coming someday but who

knew this revolution would be so positive for you and reach your business site so


Mobile is coming!

The revolution is replacing traditional computer-oriented point of sale (POS)

system plus servers’ order pads and pens with mobile POS. The first volleys of

this revolution began a couple years ago and now it is sweeping the country, one

diner at a time: eateries of all sizes and types are converting to mobile POS

because the results are phenomenal: lower credit card fees, greater customer

satisfaction, fewer errors, faster table turns.

What’s not to like?

Results like these have filled the dreams of restaurateurs for decades. In a

margin-sensitive economy, this revolution delivers a basket of benefits including

greater productivity from dining room to kitchen, integrated inventory tracking and

ordering, less waste and the granddaddy of them all – lower credit card fees with

simpler processing. Consider this side benefit: an easy-to-administer

rewards/loyalty program, specials and gift cards to encourage word-of-mouth

advertising and repeat visits. Plus this trade not-so-secret, the mobile POS

systems are less expensive to install and maintain, easy to learn and make the

whole process of running a restaurant business easier from soup to nuts.

Big results

Replacing the order pads and pens with mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones

and iPods automates and digitizes the last analog outpost in eating venues – think about it: fast food restaurants have been POS computerized for years. Mobile POS devices are simply bringing the same advantages, convenience and efficiency to the thousands of sit-down restaurants across North America. US non-fast food restaurants are reporting about a 15 percent increase in revenue per guest with electronic tableside ordering. Customer satisfaction measurements are showing roughly a 22 percent increase with similar boosts in return visits.

Learn more about the full banquet of benefits your restaurant can access with mobile POS by contacting Sales Sense Payments today at or by calling Mike Krause at 585-704-6453.

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