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Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Offering gift cards for your business is an excellent way to increase sales and encourage word-of-mouth awareness. It’s a proven fact that gift cards are the most popular gift an individual can give or receive. 


Loyalty programs are another great way to encourage repeat visits to your store, whether online, at the mall, or in the center of town.

Surprising Mom
Recieving Gift

Here’s why you should offer gift cards:

  • Gift cards are reloadable

  • Gift card customers are more likely to purchase items at full price, bolstering your profit margin

  • Gift cards allow customers to purchase exactly what they want, decreasing merchandise returns

Loyalty programs increase your profits and pave the way for sustainable growth. Offering free drinks after purchasing 10 or dollars off with a sizable purchase, people enjoy them and will come back. 


Call Sales Sense Payments today!

Give us a call today so we can help fashion the right type of customer loyal/reward program for your business! For more information please call us at (305) 723-1234 or contact us here. We’re local to Key West so we can meet in person at your convenience.

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