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iPads Go Cha-Ching as Cash Registers

From public markets, farmers’ markets to weekend summer festivals and street

vendors, you’ll see more iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices in use this year as

instant point-of-sale (POS) systems. These pocket-sized POS systems coupled with

free or inexpensive apps are powerful POS systems for all sizes of business. Add a

plug-in card reader, such as Pogo>™ from First Data, and you can set up shop

anywhere. Best of all, the mobile POS systems cost about 50 to 70 percent less than

traditional POS systems. Portability and relaxed revenue requirements from credit

card processors make them viable options even for seasonal vendors.

According to a March 2014 study by IHL Group, the conversion to mobile devices is

exploding worldwide as merchants and their customers become more accustomed

to using mobile devices for payments. Shipments of new mobile POS devices are

expected to grow more than 108 percent in North America alone. The acceptance of

mobile devices is the fastest rising trend in the retail industry since stores began

Internet versus telephone/modem transaction transmission.

Handheld mobile devices are poised to revolutionize retail business processes.

Beyond the bewildering array of pre-fab apps, with a little research you can create

your own or find someone to build one just for your business. While the iPad, Touch

and iPhones were originally conceived as consumer-oriented recreational and

functional electronics for music, games or videos, they are much more today.

Although not as many non-Apple mobile devices have been adapted to mobile POS

yet, companies are jumping on the bandwagon quickly, and the growth will be

staggering. The IHL study estimates that iOS (Apple) mobile devices have a major

share currently at 40 percent, but Android- and Windows-based POS system could

triple their shipment rates in 2014.

Overall, mobile POS has created a new space in the retail and business world in a

relatively short period where it is helping improve productivity and offer vastly

expanded credit convenience in far ranging venues.

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