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Payment Processing Peace of Mind with Recurring Billing

Processing transactions for payments due every month can be headache for you as

well as for the business or consumer. As a merchant, your control over the payment

transaction is now with the consumer and you hope they honor their commitment

month after month. On the business or consumer end of things, if their bill paying

system isn’t well organized or if something disrupts their routine some months,

your payment could be late or missed completely.

When your customer has made a commitment for a subscription, installment plan,

rental payment, monthly fee or even a monthly donation, the best option for each of

you is recurring payments. By definition, recurring payments lets you, as a

merchant, to invoice your customer for a fixed amount of money on a fixed schedule.

Recurring payments is an economical way for any merchant to set up a credit card

or bank account payment to withdraw money from the customer’s account every

month on the same date. It is also a welcome slice of peace of mind for the

consumer or business owing you the money: they know the money will be

withdrawn and don’t have to deliberately do anything to make it happen. The

authorization is given by the customer once at the start of the process and the

merchant gets the deposit each month thereafter without worry, late fees and

collection hassles.

Recurring billing is a significant benefit for property managers; utilities;

subscription-based services; private golf, swim and tennis clubs; associations and

non-profits. You relieve the customer of remembering their payment each month

and you get your promised payment on time every month without the burden of

sending and tracking monthly invoices. The payments come in automatically each

month until the customer cancels the authorization agreement or until the

commitment period ends.

Best of all, the recurring payments component of your payment processing system is

fully integrated with your website or point-of-sale terminals with a few quick steps.

As with all Sales Sense Payments products and services, there is no up-front

installation fee or cost to implement recurring billing.

For more information on recurring billing and other merchant processing services,

please visit, email or call

Mike Krause at 585-704-6453.

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