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The Need for Speed in Restaurant POS

When I think about restaurants in the abstract, I most always picture my favorite

sit down Cheers-like restaurant where everyone knows my name. Of course

electronic tableside ordering would be extremely helpful there but for some

restaurant owners, it is still a challenge to justify incorporating a new system

when they purchased their register-based system a couple years ago. Tableside

ordering is making significant inroads in this arena and most restaurateurs

acknowledge that they will switch to tablet POS at some point in the future.

So let’s expand our vision beyond Cheers to vastly different food service locales

such as stadiums, concert venues, food trucks, street vendor carts, theaters,

amusement parks, outdoor summer festivals, concession stands at high school

track meets, Pop Warner football and Little League games. These sites have one

thing in common: they have to process a large number of orders for throngs of

people in short periods of time. If mobile device POS had poster children, these

fast service specialists would get my vote.

While standard PC-based POS system have historically been too expensive for

these smaller food purveyors, mobile POS takes the price point and merchant

services processing down to a level that can be justified even by the PTSA Band

Booster Club. While some benefits of mobile POS such as CRM and loyalty

programs may not be really useful in these moveable venues, capturing

transaction data and maintaining accurate inventory are a huge deal. In their

businesses, monitoring costs, managing time and understanding what’s trending

lets these merchants adjust to changing appetites, schedules and food prices

without missing a beat.

Less expensive merchant processing and widely accessible mobile food service

apps have lowered the barriers to entry for a whole new set of entrepreneurs.

These new restaurateurs probably would not put themselves in the same

category as Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri or Mario Batali but now they share the

same options for reducing their costs and satisfying their customers in any

possible food service location.

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