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Vacay Cash!

How about $500 of Vacay Cash?!

Introducing Sales Sense $ummer $izzle!

We know there are businesses out there that are (still) spending too much on their merchant credit card purchasing processes.

You know some businesses that are sticking with the status quo and paying too much rather than exploring ways to cut their costs.

So you ask, what's in it for the people you refer to Sales Sense?

Here is what they get:

  • Free analysis of all merchant processing expenses

  • Free Clover Flex All-In-One POS System ($400 value)

  • 24/7 local personal service

  • Simple, honest payment processing

  • Lowest cost payment processing available anywhere

  • ...and much more!

You can help them save money, and you pocket $500 Vacay Cash today!

Here's what you do:

  1. Contact Mike Krause: or by phone at: (585) 704-6453 or (305) 723-1234

  2. Provide the company details needing Sales Sense Payments processing

  3. Mike will send you a $500 Check/Your Choice of Gift Card for every closed new customer account

  4. Enjoy your free vacation cash!

Easy as that! Call or email Mike today with your hot leads!

Questions? Let Mike know what's on your mind.

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