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Credit Card

Surcharging Overview

Surcharging allows merchants to add a "% checkout fee" to a credit card transaction, paid by the cardholder, to help cover the merchant’s credit card processing fees.

The CardPointe Gateway supports the Merchant Surcharge Program to allow eligible merchants to add a surcharge on applicable credit card transactions. This is an overview of the Merchant Surcharge Program as it relates to the CardPointe Gateway, including card brand requirements and related application changes.

You should review this to help determine if the Merchant Surcharge Program is right for your business.

Please note: The Merchant Surcharge Program under CardPointe is only available to qualifying merchants enrolled in a Merchant Services account and processing on the First Data Rapid Connect platform.

When you enroll in the Merchant Surcharge program, a fixed 3.5% surcharge rate is set for your merchant account. Once enabled, this surcharge rate is automatically applied to the subtotal amount of all eligible transactions.

Eligible transactions are all credit card payments, including recurring payments.


For card-not-present transactions, if the cardholder resides in a restricted region, the 3.5% surcharge will not be applied.

For more information about merchant surcharging and whether the Merchange Surcharge Program is right for your business, please call us at (305) 723-1234 or contact us here.
We can meet in person at your convenience.

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