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Cash Registers Going the Way of Buggy Whips Part 2

May Point-of-Sale registers and terminals have been quietly retired over the past

couple years as the move to EMV (chip-enabled credit cards) comes ever closer.

More terminals are slated for retirement as 2014 winds down.Some of the terminals that were retired in 2013 include the following:

Equinox: T4100, T7P, T7Plus

Nurit: Nurit 8000 GPRS, Nurit 8320, Nurit 2085 (NO57)

VeriFone: Tranz-330, Tranz-380, Omni-3200, Omni-3740, Omni-3750, Way 5000, Vx610 CDMA

While these models (and those listed in Part 1 of this article) are officially retired,

there are thousands, if not millions of them still in use around the country. The

companies selling or renting these POS terminals can no longer reprogram the

terminals if something goes awry. They are also no longer in PCI compliance

because their software (and thus security) is no longer supported.

The retirement of so many popular terminals is yet another sound business

reason to join the EMV movement now when there is some luxury of time to get

an EMV-compatible terminal or wireless device installed and operational,

avoiding the last minute crush in 2015.

While the EMV mandate helps tighten security and eliminate one type of credit

card fraud from stolen or counterfeit cards, more security is still needed

throughout the payment process to outsmart credit card thieves. There is still a

need for complete encryption and/or tokenization (where sensitive data is

exchanged for meaningless tokens at the input terminals. The tokens are passed

along rather than the data the tokens represent.) but that will be a step taken by

the Big Three card companies after EMV is routine and accepted by merchants

and consumers alike.

For more information about cash registers, mobile POS devices and economical

payment processing, contact Mike Krause at Sales Sense Payments, Inc., 585-

704-6453, email: Please visit

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