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Sales Sense Payments Joins Key West Chamber of Commerce

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As part of its civic commitment, Sales Sense Payments recently joined the Key West Chamber of Commerce. Sales Sense Payments added a second office in Key West to complement its original office in Western New York.

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Far right back row: Mike Krause; front row: Christina Rincon, both of Sales Sense Payments, Inc.

“We believe in participating fully in our local community,” according to Mike Krause, president, “As the Chamber itself says, we are working as a catalyst for business success and a champion for a sustainable thriving community right here in Monroe County.”

Sales Sense Payments offers credit card and merchant processing services provided to a wide variety of brick and mortar or online businesses. Their 20 year reputation is based on honesty, simplicity, and providing an unbeatable value to its clients.

“We love the Key West area and feel Sales Sense Payments can have a significantly positive impact on the businesses in Monroe County and save their owners money on fees and charges,” Krause continued.

Watch for the principals of Sales Sense Payments, Mike Krause, Christina Rincon, and Punklyn out in the community at FYT Key West’s puppy yoga, participating in Florida Keys SPCA events, riding e-bikes along the ocean, getting to know and benefit the community.

merchant processing
Puppy Yoga at FYT Key West

About Sales Sense Payments

Sales Sense Payments is dedicated to providing its clients with straightforward, easy-to-understand payment processing services. With more than two decades of experience, Mike Krause can help your company navigate the world of credit card processing to save you money.

To learn more about Sales Sense Payments and its merchant processing services, please visit or call (305) 723-1234.

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