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We can set up your payment processing to add a 3.5% surcharge on each transaction,
saving your business $1000s a year on processing fees!

Interchange Optimization

Interchange optimization is knowing and using the best processing habits so your business qualifies for the lowest rate possible for every type of transaction. If you do business with other businesses – B2B – or with any level of government – B2G – you gather more data, reduce the risk of fraud, and qualify for lower rates. Even if you’re primarily transacting with consumers – B2C – knowing the ins and outs of processing helps you save significantly each month.

Interchange Plus

Interchange Plus is all about being transparent in your transactions with your clients and with us. You can see the exact interchange cost for each transaction in easy-to-understand language.


We have no contracts and no set-up charges. Best of all, we never increase rates! Our relationship with you is all about doing business simply and honestly, adding value to your business!

About Sales Sense Payments

Doing honest business Since 2008

Sales Sense Payments is dedicated to providing its clients with straightforward, easy-to-understand payment processing services that save them money and help their businesses grow. 


We live right here in Key West so we can meet in person at your convenience to review your current processing services and provide a complimentary, no pressure quote!


Mike & Christina

Sales Sense Payments was founded more than two decades ago from Mike's experience in financial services and merchant processing. He learned the ropes of merchant services and credit card processing from the giants in the business including First Data and American Express. After starting the business in New York, he and Christina have expanded and are offering their honest business practices in sunny Key West Florida. You can catch them riding their e-bikes along the ocean or with their pup at the local dog park!


“Sales Sense Payments is a professional, efficient, accurate, low-cost credit card payment processing system.”

Pat W., CPA


Below we’ve provided some info on how we work, payment processing technology, and payments in general.

How does merchant payment processing work?

  1. Customer offers their credit card to pay for an item.

  2. Merchant swipes/keys in credit card information and the customer signs the authorization slip.

  3. Through the processing center and interchange, the transaction is encoded, verified and sent on to the bank for approval

  4. Once the bank approves the transaction, the issuing credit card company is credited [CF1]  with the payment

  5. The bank simultaneously sends its approval back through processing and interchange

  6. Processing and interchange send the approval back to the merchant

  7. A receipt is issued and the transaction is complete

A merchant account is a commercial bank account that allows your business to accept and process credit cards and other non-cash transactions for payment.

We work with a wide array of merchants including:

  • eCommerce vendors

  • Retail and wholesale storefronts 

  • Mail order/telephone order businesses

  • Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Resorts, Inns

  • Marina, Beach, Swim, and Dive shops

  • Vacation and tourist attractions

  • Restaurants

  • Organizations, such as Chamber of Commerce, Business and Community Associations


In short – Sales Sense Payments is the right payment processing service for any business or organization that wants to accept credit and debit cards along with other types of non-cash payments from customers.


Let us review your current payment processing and show you how we can lower your business costs while receiving outstanding personal service. We’re local to Key West!

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